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Big Table was born in 1958 through successful efforts to fight against censorship attempts by the University of Chicago, and the US Post Office.

The new magazine published in 1958, contained the first published chapters of William S Burroughs'  Naked Lunch, as well as work by Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. It succeeded in winning two Longview Awards.

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We offer historical Big Table books, new books, as well as having videos and recordings of Paul Carroll, editor of Big Table, an interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and readings by Maryrose Carroll on this site.

New and Historic Books

Original Big Table  books, a few of the famous edition #1, also # 3, #4, and #5,  late 1958 through 1960 are available.

Also, we have recently published Big Table Books, BEATS ME, Love, Poetry, Censorship from Chicago to Appalachia, God and Other Poems. 

We offer Conversations with a Dead Lover, a Finishing Line Press publication by Maryrose Carroll, and, her editions of Just Laugh  and Tales from B


This is an excerpt from Maryrose Carroll's book, 

BEATS ME, Love,  Poetry, Censorship 

from Chicago to Appalachia.

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